A performative and experiential research project relating to the empirical experience of the female body when in liminal space. Investigating an instinctual connection to the land, topography and hierophany.



Part I was the culmination of various private rituals and field research from sacred sites … this manifested as a 30 minute performative rite, in combination with a five channel sound piece using my own recordings from  sacred sites … this being a one off act which took place at the Occulture Conference, Berlin, November 2018

This piece was deliberately undocumented, the printed votives made from ash, pomegranate juice, and blood are hand bound as an artists book – which is part II


I was also asked to contribute a piece of writing, as a reflection of this performance, by ‘Volupté – Journal of Decadence Studies’ published by Goldsmiths on the Winter Solstice 2018 – this is part III


Part IV is a series of prints, based on fauna from ritual sites and mantic stains of the body – realised as mono blots and collagraph prints ..

Part V is a series of sculptural votive pieces, exhibited for the first time as part of Trans – States Conference in Northampton … http://trans-states.org/

Part VI is a triptych of mantic stains of the body which I’ll exhibit for Samhain 2019.