Geraldine is a transdiciplinary artist and curator based between Stockholm and London.

Within her own practice she participates specifically at the intersections of site, myth, psychological topography, otherness and the liminal experience of the magickal body.

Drawing from initial psychogeographic work started in 2005 where she was working with archetypes of the wild, sexuality and transgression in relation to carnival/ritual , place and event, Geraldine’s practice has gradually evolved to acknowledge her own relationship to esoteric and lost knowledges. As experiential research rather than anthropological study, she wishes to question notions of consensus reality, in turn blurring the lines between fact and fiction, through a phenomenology of animism and cosmological accordance.

She is currently constructing work around new mythologies and ideas of communal ritual as a conduit for reacquaintance with land, spirit and other biological kin.

With future investigations into how experiences of psycho-topographic entanglement can become a conduit for ecological regeneration.

As a curator she has been engaged in various organisations whilst running her own experimental art space in Stockholm, Konstapoteket,  between 2011 and 2014, which now continues as a nomadic project.  More recently she has been an active member and secretary of Fylkingen alongside organising the occasional art/experimental sound event, specifically co-curating the biennial symposium Conjuring Creativity – Art & the Esoteric.
She has also played an active role in various artist collectives – most recently the ecofeminist magickal aktivist group NKK, who have performed a number of rites both publicly and privately in various institutions in Stockholm.