b. England
lives and works between Stockholm and London

current  MFA Fine Art, Goldsmiths University of London 
2019     Listening and Sound as Expansion of Dance Practice,
         UniArts, Stockholm 
2018     Artists Books project year, Grafikskolan, Stockholm 
2006     M.A Printmaking, Bradford School of Art
1997     B.A (hons) Ceramics, U.W.E . Bristol

2023     The Hill of Sorrows, site specific ritual performance    
         with sound artist/musician Katt Hernandez.Stockholm
2022     Widdershins - performance at'Present Tense'Deptford X
2022     A Right of Spring, performative seed sharing piece as
         part of 'futures after' a group show made possible by
         Hypha Studios. 
2020     A Rite of Spring – Galleri ID:I  Stockholm           
2019     A Salisbury Working.Site specific interactive ritual
         performance and workshop. 'Ritual and Resistance'
         organised by Delaware Road Salisbury Plain
2019     Bön för Jorden (A Rite for Mother Earth) NKK 
         performance as part of Mossutställningars 2 day event
         Konstnärlig Avsmyckningar/Jord Marknad.
2018     Topography of the Witch - to Hekate - performance
         ritual and sound piece, Occulture, Berlin
2018     NKK Group performance and manifesto reading,Moderna 
         Museet Stockholm
2018     A Rite of Spring, performance ritual, Långholmen 
2017     Shifting Ground  spoken word performance, Stockholm
2013     Human Nature. pt.2 Ritual, Interactive ritual 
         performance for the Autumn Equinox/Harvest Moon.
         Högdals Toppen, Stockholm
2012     Sanitary - Foraging ritual in Hökarängens Forest

Selected Exhibitions
2021     Lammas, Outtake #4 The Moon and the Yew Tree. 
         3 moving image pieces for Fjärde Scenen, digital 
         platform curated by Joachim Nordwall
2020     Rights of Spring – ID:I Galleri Stockholm 
2017     Other Frequencies,pt.1.On the idealised aesthetic of 
         death, with sound artist Per Åhlund. Studio 44,  
2016     Peripheral installation at Candyland, Stockholm 
         with sound pieces provided by Jonas Tiljander and 
         Anders Bryngelsson
2015     Urban Myth. Mabgate pt.1 from Burley to Salem
         sound by Dave Procter
         South Bank Centre - St Margarets Church. Leeds
2014     After the Ritual - bookworks and moving image from 
         Human Nature. Tobaksvägen 6. Stockholm
         Smoke & Mirrors  with Zanne Andrea. 
         The Edwardian Toilets, Bristol 
2013     Human Nature? pt.2.RITUAL. Atelier 123, Stockholm
         pt.1 lost and suspended artefacts – Lokalrätten
         Sanitary II Konstapoteket, Stockholm
2011     Verboten Stadt Rein Raum.Düsseldorf with Chris Dreier

Group Shows
2022   Present Tense. As part of Deptford X festival, London 
2022   Futures After. Group Show  made possible by Hypha 
       Studios, London
2022   South East London Micro Sculpture Fair. curated Choon 
       Mi Kim 
2021   Fjärde Scenen, digital platform curated by Joachim 
2019   Esoterisk Överföring. Studio 44. 5 woman research and 
       practice project. Curated by Madeleine Aleman
2019   Occulture – Esoteric Conference Berlin 
       Mantic Stains of the Body – installation 
2019   Hafflooor #1 –  Topography of the Witch (outtake) Short 
       film and sound, Fylkingen 
2019   I watch the moon creep across the room,
       the full pink moon. 
       Site specific painting and ceramic votives. 
       Salong Odengatan. Stockholm  
2018   Corduroy pt.2 Neo:Artists Gallery Bolton Manchester
       Grafikskolan slut utställning Grafiskasällskapet. 
       Supermarket Artfair  Stockholm 
2017   Corduroy pt.1 Studio 44 exchange with Neo:Artists from 
       Manchester.Studio 44, Stockholm 
2016   Okänd - Studio 44 new members, Stockholm
2015   Found in Labyrinth.Artists'Books. St.Petersburg Russia
2014   Nygrafik 2014.Contemporary printmaking.Husby Konsthall
2013   ...and then,they tried to pull the ground from under
       our feet. Konstapoteket. Stockholm
2011   ZELLE - Beyond Guilt and Innocence. Café Schönstadt, 
       48Stunden Neukölln, Berlin
       Staden Husby Konsthall, Husbygård, Stockholm
2009   Stadtlandfluss Toiletten 27, 48Stunden Neukölln,Berlin
2006   New Ink 7, Masters Printmaking, Dean Clough Galleries, 
       Halifax, England
       Hibrida Bookworks.Artists Books.England,Estonia,Latvia 
       and Lithuania. South Square Gallery,Bradford/U.W.E 
       Hibrida Fragments - An exchange with The University of 
       Arts.Bucharest,Romania & Bradford School of Art,England 

CONJURING CREATIVITY - Art & the Esoteric, in theory and practice. Two day seminar and artistic event. Stockholm 2018
Konst som magisk process. A symposium/workshop considering the relationship between art and the western esoteric tradition.Stockholm 2017
Within the scope of possibility, or the luxury of assuming free will, 5 women show Husby Konsthall, 2017.
Conceived and co-curated Artists' Book Salong 2015 Husby Konsthall, Stockholm
Founder of experimental art project space Konstapoteket from 2012-2014, now continuing as a nomadic curatorial project. Stockholm 

Community Art/Art in the public realm
'Husby är här' Project leader for an activist knitting project in Husby, Stockholm
Knitting as performance, feminist manifestation taking place in a male dominated public space, conceived by a local MP and housing organisation.
2000-2007 Ran various art and ceramic workshops for maginalised groups in Leeds including psychiatric out patients.
1997-2000 Worked with Bristol Playbus taking Art projects onto Irish Traveller sites around the county of Bristol. 

Feral Rites - upcoming series of Art & Magical Ecology workshops. 
Studio Member at Art Hub Studios, London
Member of ecofeminist artists collective NKK in Sweden 
Co-ordinator at FyRec, record label and publications based at Fylkingen (Sweden) 
Secretary for Fylkingen, artists run organisation for new music and intermedia art
Former member of STUDIO 44, artist run gallery in Stockholm 2016-2018
On the exhibition committee for Husby Konsthall (Stockholm) 2015 - 2017
Member of artists collective workshop space KKV - Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad in Stockholm