Currently studying MFA Fine Art at Goldsmiths University of London                            2019 Listening and sounding. (sound art ) UniArts, Stockholm                                          2018 Artists Books project year, Grafikskolan, Stockholm                                                      2006 MA Printmaking, Bradford School of Art                                                                         1997 BA (hons) Ceramics, U.W.E Bristol

Performative                                                                                                                                       2020 A Rite of Spring I:D:I Gallery,  Stockholm                                                                         2019 Landvätter – Portal #1 Festival of Walking and Sound, Stockholm                             2019 A Salisbury Working – Interactive performance Ritual,  part of the Ritual &   Resistance festival, Salisbury Plain, England                                                                             2019  Rite for Mother Earth, with NKK collective *  Djurgården, Stockholm                   2018 Topography of the Witch I  performance rite – Occulture Conference, Berlin               2018  ’’Kungörelse’’  NKK –  #metoo ett år senare, Moderna Museet, Stockholm             2018  A Rite of Spring  performance ritual, Långholmen, Stockholm
 2017  Shifting Ground   spoken word performance, Stockholm
 2013  Human Nature. pt.2   Interactive site specific rite. Högdals Toppen, Stockholm
 2012  Sanitary     Foraging ritual in Hökarängens Forest, Stockholm                                           * Various other rites have taken place with NKK which were not public.    


Selected exhibitions                                                                                                                                2020 A Rite of Spring  Galleri ID:I Stockholm                                                                         2017  Other Frequencies, pt.1 – On the idealised aesthetic of death
A collaboration with sound artist Per Åhlund, Studio 44, Stockholm
2016  Peripheral psychogeographic walk and installation, Candyland, Stockholm –
sound pieces by Jonas Tiljander and Anders Bryngelsson
2015  Urban Myth – Mabgate psychogeographic  installation with Dave Proctor
South Bank Centre – St Margarets Church, Burley, Leeds
2014  After the Ritual  – bookworks and projection from Human Nature,
Tobaksvägen 6, Stockholm
2014 Smoke & Mirrors  site specific installation with Zanne Andrea
The Edwardian Toilets, Bristol
2013  Human Nature? pt. 2  – RITUAL – Atelier 123, Stockholm
2013  Human Nature? pt. 1 – lost and suspended artefacts – Lokalrätten,Stockholm
2012  Sanitary pt.1 Konstapoteket, Stockholm                                                                         2011  Verbotene Stadt  Rein Raum, e.v, Düsseldorf  with Chris Dreier