Upcoming ….

June 2019

Begin a sound art summer course at Uniarts in Stockholm where I’ll be focusing on sacred topographies and  hierophanies


May 2019

Salong Odengatan – Stockholm

Haffloor – showing an outtake from my moving image projekt, The Magickal Body https://www.facebook.com/H-a-l-f-f-l-o-o-r-657183871371503/

Ritual performance with NKK – Nya Konstnärsklubben (feminist magical activist group) ‘Bön till Jorden’ – Prayer for the Earth, as part of a day long festival incorporating artists, writers and theorists joined together to discuss our relationship with the Earth and how we can create substainability in the face of Climate Catastrophe.                                               Organised by Mossutställningar