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Tickets are now on sale for the biennial event I curate in Stockholm …


CONJURING CREATIVITY #2 Art & the Esoteric in The Age of the Anthropocene … more information is here https://www.facebook.com/events/514280125855159/

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In the run up to the Winter Solstice I’ve been taking time to take stock, work on tying up some loose ends and compile the line-up for CONJURING CREATIVITY #2, a biennial symposium nurturing research and discourse withing the field of contempoirary art and western esotericism.

Conjuring Creativity #1 took place in spring 2018 with Dr.Per Faxneld as co-producer.


I’ve very happy to have been asked back to OCCULTURE Esoteric conference in Berlin this year where I’ll be exhibiting Topography of The Witch VI – 3 large mantic body stain paintings based on the original performance and research and I’ll be giving an artisks talk reflecting on this work


Group Exhibition ESOTERISK ÖVERFÖRING opens in Stockholm, a group of 5 women brought together by artist Madeleine Aleman, who all work with esoteric themes or methodologies in their practice, in one form or another.

This exhibition shows individual work after a years process of meetings and workshops where we exchanged ideas, techniques and theory.



In just a few days I’m very honoured to be presenting and exhibiting an installation piece at the Trans -States Conference at Northampton University …

I’ve be showing the artefacts which make up Topography Of The Witch II – a small book of inkblots from the first performance and V – a series of porcelain sculptures partly influenced by pieces from the Museum of Witchcraft and Magick in Boscastle

More details about the event can be found here


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Portal #1

I’ve been invited by sound artists Jacek Smolicki and Tim Shaw to take part in the Walking Festival of Sound in Stockholm where I’ll be attempting to channel sacred and profane places …

fullsizeoutput_1aa4.jpegStanton Drew Stone Circles, August 2019

Landvätter – Portal #1

The first in intermittent series of site specific sound/performative pieces where the audience are invited to walk to a specific part of the city where they will witness a small rite as I invoke spirits of place – whilst creating a portal, a cut up in time/space, bringing the sacred into the everyday profane by accompanying the physical work with sound recorded from another place, at another time … in another city or country even …


I’m very honoured to be manifesting  A Salisbury Working  as part of the Delaware Road, Resistance and Ritual event, on Salisbury Plain this August … this ritual shall be interactive, choreographed for those willing to share the experience as we contemplate sacred space, ancestoral worship and forge a connection to the land, whilst harnessing the power of the mythical Salisbury Hare and create united psychic resistance as protection for the natural environment and wildlife which inhabit the area …




Throughout June, July and August I’m participating in the sound art summer course ‘Listening and Sounding as Expansion of Dance Practice’ at Uniarts in Stockholm, where I’ll be focusing on the aural properties of sacred topographies and hierophanies


May 2019

Salong Odengatan – Stockholm (a private group show with a range of Swedish Artists)

Site specific Moon painting (ash and pomegranate juice) from the ‘Marking time’ series … with 2 sculptural votives to the Hare Moon (unfired porcelain and hair)

Haffloor – premier at Fylkingen, Stockholm

showing an outtake from my moving image projekt, The Magickal Body as one of many 2 minute films by various artists


Ritual performance with NKK – Nya Konstnärsklubben (feminist magickal activist group) ‘Bön till Jorden’ – Prayer for the Earth, as part of a day long festival incorporating artists, writers and theorists joined together to discuss our relationship with the Earth and how we can create substainability in the face of Climate Catastrophe.                                               Organised by Mossutställningar