Human Nature? pt.2

A cosmological rite and art intervention, which took place on a hill in the suburbs of Stockholm.
September 23rd 2013 

The site I chose for this was one of the ‘artificial hills’ on the periphery of central Stockholm, inbetween two of the suburbs and an area used by the locals. Legend has it that these hills were made up of the demolition rubble from Klarakvarteren (The Klara Quarter)  an inner city area of Stockholm, much loved by the writers and artists who lived there. The Klara Bohemians being the name given to them an amorphous group who in the 1930s and 1940's' called it home.
During this time of ‘slum clearance’ many of the poorer families in Stockholm were moved out to the newly built suburbs, with promises of a better standard of life, two of these suburbs, Hökarängen and Högdalen lay rither side of this hill, known as Högdals Toppen. 

Fot this reason, that the demolition and construction of the hills was within living memory and may contain ancestral artefacts, made it a potent energy site and the ideal place to conduct a community gathering.