Landvätter – Portal 1 … a performative cut up rite takes place on the 8th September in Stockholm as part of          The Walking Festival of Sound

Portal #1 Stanton Drew – being the first in an intermittent series of small site specific acts.


In this interactive performance piece participants are invited to join me in an urban scared space, where I’ll attempt to combine two heterotopic sites, one urban and profane in Stockholm, one rural and sacred in England. By using the method of the cut up, manifested as a physical happening, the site is transformed into a hierophany. (Sacred place)

Here the participants will be facilitated to take part in the sensory experience of the place as they become part of the rite as it unfolds. During the act I shall invoke and bless the Landvätter (spirits of place) in unison with sonic recordings from an ancient site in England.

In splicing the two places together I attempt to create a phenomenological cut up – in doing so opening a portal, and facilitating the possibility of sub conscious time travel whilst hoping to encourage an open discourse around humans relationship to the land and the possibility of psychological reaquaintence as a form of resistance.